Welcome to 2simply.com

Welcome to 2simply.com
2Simple has been making powerful and creative educational software for primary schools for over 15 years during which time we have won over 40 industry awards. … more Purple Mash. A creative space packed with tools, games and curriculum resources. more Serial Mash. Inspire young readers with our growing online library and interactive literacy …
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2SIMPLE professional development – Purple Mash by 2Simple

2SIMPLE professional development – Purple Mash by 2Simple
2SIMPLE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 2Do’s: Parent guide Your child’s teacher will often set tasks as a ‘2Do’ to be completed. These are activities and tasks which your child can access either via the notification bell or by clicking the red 2Do icon at the top of the screen. 2Dos can have a ‘due by’ date (specified by the teacher)
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Purple Mash – London Grid for Learning

Purple Mash – London Grid for Learning
To see how 2Simple/Purple Mash manages your data, please read their privacy policy. LAUNCH RESOURCE purplemash.lgfl.net . Screenshots. View resource screenshots. Purple Mash. Online Creative Tools, apps and templates mapped to the curriculum templates. Subject: Tools; Key Stage: KS1 KS2; LAUNCH RESOURCE. CLOSE SCREENSHOT WINDOW.
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Purple Mash | Computing, Maths, English and more – 2simple.com

Purple Mash | Computing, Maths, English and more – 2simple.com
In all my years of teaching and leadership I have never come across a product as comprehensive as 2Simple’s Purple Mash. Being cloud-based and browser ready ensures that Purple Mash promotes an anytime, anywhere and any device approach to teaching and learning. It comes complete with everything you need to deliver a truly ‘Outstanding …
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